EA Technology

Company overview

EA Technology is an employee-owned company offering high-tech instruments, software, electrical services and technical consultancy to operators of power networks worldwide.

We are located in Capenhurst in the North West of England, having been established in the mid 1960s as the UK Electricity Industry’s Research Centre. We were set up to specialise in the distribution and use of electricity, and have never lost this focus despite a number of organisational changes.

Career development

EA Technology is constantly looking for talented individuals to help us maintain our position as a market leader in the energy industry.

Competition for jobs is strong whenever we advertise vacancies, but we welcome receiving details at any time from people with outstanding abilities.

Working for EA Technology has many advantages, including: 

Employee ownership that works for the staff, not the shareholders
Annual performance reviews to establish your personal training and development needs
Industry leading rewards, including shares
The opportunity to work at the cutting edge of the industry
The chance to learn from colleagues with unrivalled experience

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