Mainstream Renewable Power

Company overview

We develop, finance, construct and operate large-scale renewable energy plans for utilities, investment companies and global consumer brands.

Mainstream employs over 170 staff in eight offices around the globe. Our expertise is in taking projects through all the stages of development – such as land acquisition, wind analysis, GIS, environmental studies, consenting, procurement, financing and so on. 

Our experience is unrivalled. Over the past two decades, our people have helped deliver over 2,500MW of plant across four continents for many different companies.

Career development

As a team, we’re united in our mission to make renewable energy the mainstream form on energy globally.

We have ambitious global expansion plans and we’re looking for equally ambitious people to help us achieve them. We have a team of dedicated and experienced people already in place, and we’re looking for more talented individuals with passion and drive.

The working environment at Mainstream is very fast-moving and challenging. The rewards are generous, both in terms of our competitive benefits package as well as our personal and career development opportunities.

Our culture is based on working together as a team, regardless of where you’re based – be it in Cape Town or Santiago, London or Chicago.

One of our five core values is ‘Working together’. We view our people as our defining strength. We pride ourselves on our small company feel, and our aim is to maintain that approach as we expand in size and in geographic spread. Flexibility is important to us because time is critical when new opportunities arise.

We place an emphasis on innovative thinking because we believe that the solutions to complex challenges lie in creative ideas. Couple that with our focus on delivery, and that’s where our competitive advantage lies.

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